who can submit?
Any teenager who resides in Miami-Dade with an interest in photography can submit their photos. although not all photos will be chosen.
Who is this benefiting?
this project benefits  all the contributors as well as future Miami residents. the history being created through this pandemic needs to be documented and we are here to help do that. The proceeds will be divvied as such:
50% to the participants
25% to feeding America
25% to the world health organization (W.H.O)
What if covid-19 related self-islolation ends before the year deadline?
If self-isolation ends before the one-year deadline we will continue to document while we adjust to the "new normal". Our current plan if self-isolation ends before the year deadline is to document until 3 months post self-isolation and publish what we've observed.
If my photo is chosen where will is be shown?
all chosen photos will be published in our book. And select photos will be in promotional materials as well as the website gallery.
I live in another city, is there a way I can still apply?
at the moment this project is limited to residents of Miami-dade. But if you'd like to work with us to lead this project in another city reach out to us at hello@covid9teencollective.com.
How do I contact a contributor directly?
All contributors received an email address from us. for the list of contact information  click here
I work for the press, how can I learn more?
Click here for the press page. 
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